Africa Day 2017のご報告

2017年12月14日(木)、農学部を会場にAfrica Day 2017を開催しました。3件のレクチャーと31件のポスター発表(1分間のフラッシュトーク含む)を行い、農学部・植物研の学生とアフリカを中心とした留学生たちとの研究交流を行いました。またJKUAT設立当初から尽力された岩佐順吉岡山大学名誉教授の参加もいただきました。なお参加人数は80名(うち外国人31名)でした。

レクチャーではAfrica-ai-JapanプロジェクトのJICA専門家塩見先生にプロジェクトの紹介をしていただき、JKUATのWillis Owino先生にはケニアでのフルーツ、野菜の収穫後の多大なロスを減らす研究を紹介いただきました。植物研からは近藤先生に生物学的”界”を超えたウイルスの感染について最先端の研究を紹介いただきました。フラッシュトークでは日本人学生たちの英語発表も相当練習をしたようで上手くなっていたと思います。また留学生に対しても積極的なポスターでの質問を行っており、頼もしく感じました。Best presentation 賞は一位 Tumewu Angelia Stephany, 同率一位 Joackin B. Andama、三位 Le Thi Phuongさんが受賞しました。


List for Poster Presentation

Ombiro Sing’ombe Geofrey 

Specific chemical inhibitors of R. solanacearum

Tumewu Angelia Stephany

Study on The Chemotaxis System and Its Role in Virulence of Pseudomonas syringae pv. tabaci 6605

Le Thi Phuong  

Saccharin induces resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana against Pseudomonas syringae DC3000 through the activation of defense-related genes

Fitrianti Nur Aprilia 

An endogenous suppressor(s) from Arabidopsis thaliana

Kirara Saito 

Characterization of the suppressive effects of the biological control agent Rhizobium vitis strain VAR03-1 on the virulence of R. vitis

Satoshi Isoya 

Development of heterologous expression system using Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae to evaluate virulence function of potential effector proteins of Rhizoctonia solani, a necrotrophic fungal phytopathogen of sheath blight, on Brachypodium distachyon

Khin Thida Nyein 

In vitro antagonistic activity of Trichoderma spp against Rhizoctonia solani AG-5 which causes root rot disease of Brachypodium distachyon

Yoshiteru Noutoshi 

A high-throughput screening for plant immune-priming molecules using a library of small cyclic peptides

Annah Indeche 

Influence of environmental conditions on Calcium transport in Tomato Fruits

Akari Kinjo  

Boron nutrition and competition between leaves and floral organs affect malformed fruit incidence in strawberries

Phan Thu Thao 

Growth and flowering of Eustoma grandiflorum as affected by cycle and temperature of intermittent low temperature storage

Nguyen Thi Cam  

Effects of season and day length on the open center of flower in dahlia

Kei Yoshiki 

Development of high cost performance controller (YoshiMax) for environmental control on greenhouse production with ICT

Azimi Azimullah  

An overview of the grape industry in Afghanistan

Oscar Witere Mitalo 

Moderate temperature is required for colour change induction in the peel of Satsuma mandarin (Citrus unshiu Marc.) fruit

Yasuaki Tosa 

Effect of low temperature on fruit ripening in ‘Passe Crassane’ pear

Yuki Kondo 

Analysis of volatile compounds and quality in ‘Kosui’ kiwifruit

Sumire Tokiwa 

Determination of optimum temperature for long−term storage and analysis of ripening−related genes in ‘Rainbow Red’ kiwifruit

Nguyen Sao Mai  

Fine mapping of quantitative trait loci responsible for increasing yield under long-term salt stress in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Shiho Tanaka 

Microbiota of commercial and homemade Maziwa IaIa, a Kenyan traditional fermented milk

Wu Haoming 

Microbiota of dairy cow milk collected manually and mechanically by robotic milking systems

Teresia Aluoch Muhomah 

The role of secretory immunoglobulin A in fat metabolism

Joackin B. Andama 

NERICA rice and herbivores: Anything to worry about?

Wajeeha Shamsi 

The Mycovirus Database – An E-bank for Mycoviral Genomes

Wan-Yi Chiou 

Morphological characterization of spikelet of Large grain mutant found in transposon-tagged lines in rice

Haoxin Lyu 

Novimethylophilus kurashikiensis La2-4T, a lanthanide-dependent methylotroph isolated from rice rhizosphere

Yuuki Haruna 

Methylotaxis in Methylobacterium aquaticum strain 22A

Yoshiko Fujitani 

Ergothioneine production in Methylobacterium sp.

Shota Hiraga 

Lanthanide-dependent regulation of methanol dehydrogenase genes in Methylobacterium aquaticum strain 22A

Patcha Yanpirat  

Regulation of AT-rich genes in response to lanthanides in Methylobacterium aquaticum strain 22A.

Andrew Mutalya 

Latent infections of Xanthomonas campestris pv. musacearum in banana in Uganda